North Staffs. Amateur  League



1.The League shall be called the North Staffs Amateur Bowling League Males only to play under league rules. To be affiliated to the Potteries & District County Bowling Association. (Bye-Law 5 B.C.G.B.A. Bye Laws) All clubs playing competitive bowls  must be directly affiliated to the Potteries & District County Bowling Association. Any club refusing to be affiliated shall be suspended along with it's members until the fee is paid in full.

2.Any new club joining the League must be approved by a straight majority at the A.G.M.  All clubs to be affiliated to the Potteries & District County Bowling Association. The A.G.M. shall be held in January each year and the Hon. Secretary shall give 14 days notice to all member clubs.

3.Each club shall pay an annual subscription as agreed by the Management Committee. New clubs joining the League may be charged an entrance fee.

4.(a) Officials of the League shall be appointed at the A.G.M. consisting of  President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, after Two (2) years in office the President shall stand down and the Chairman shall become President and Vice Chairman shall become Chairman. The new Vice Chairman to be elected at the A.G.M. in January. Above officials to hold office for Two (2) years.

(b) The League Hon Secretary shall be elected at the A.G.M. along with a Match Secretary. Both Secretaries shall hold office for Three  (3) years and shall be able to re- apply for re election. These appointments can be terminated at an Extraordinary Meeting of the League by a majority of officials and delegates.

(c)Management Committee to consist of Past Presidents, Life Members and officials and Ten delegates elected at the A.G.M. (five members to form a quorum) Committee to have full powers to conduct the Leagues affairs. Officials Pat President's, Life Members shall be ex-officio to any sub committee.

(d)Decisions reached by sub-committees will be ratified by the Management Committee unless executive power are granted by the Management Committee.

 5Two (2) Auditors to be elected at the A.G.M.

 5aFinancial year begins on 1st January and ends on 31st December in the same year. The Balance sheet for the current year to be audited and signed by two(2) auditors and presented at the A.G.M. by the Secretary/Treasurer

 5bA copy of the balance sheet and the date of the A.G.M. shall be sent to member clubs with any proposed notice of motion received by the Hon                          Secretary/Treasurer as per rule 5c.

5c Notice of Motion.

Any proposed notice of motion from Management or Member Clubs to change or to add to any rule or bye law must have a Two Thirds Majority of votes CAST

at the A.G.M. and be received by the Hon Secretary no later than 28 days before the A.G.M.

5d Entitled to vote at the A.G.M. are League Officials, Life Members, and  Two (2) members from each of the member clubs.

A special meeting may be called if the Hon Secretary receives a requisition signed by more than half of the member clubs of the League


The funds of the League shall be empowered by the Management Committee President, Chairman, Secretary. empowered to endorse any documents that require endorsement using Two 2) or Three (3) signatures.


All games to be played under B.C.G.B.A. rules. A copy of which should be displayed in clubhouse or bowls pavilion. League matches to commence at 2.30pm on Saturdays and 6.30pm for evening matches.


General Rules

Rule 1(a) All League matches to be played on Saturdays commencing at 2.30pm. Evening matches at 6.30pm. Players to report NO LATER than one (1) hour after starting time (i.e.) Saturdays by 3.30pm. Evenings by 7.30pm. Reserves may be played in place of absentees if time limit is observed. All games to be played under the rules and bye laws of the B.C.G.B.A. A copy of which to be displayed in the clubhouse.

1(b) No Practice shall be allowed for visiting players. No Saturday match to be cried off before 3.30pm. And 7.30pm for evening matches. Both teams shall report at greenside before 2.30pm on Saturdays and before 6.30pm for evening matches. Visiting teams shall have first throw of the jack. Four (4) Jacks will be in play throughout all  League and Cup matches.

1 (c) Four (4) jacks to be in play in all league and cup games throughout the whole match

Rule 2. Promotion and relegation shall operate throughout all leagues should Two (2) Teams from the same club be in the same division their matches at the beginning of each half of the season (ie) 1st match and repeat of the opposite half.

Rule 3. A match fee will be levied into available prize -monies and fines will be added  to accounts at close of season by the Treasurer.


Not Claimed within 28 days after the League Presentation Date will revert back to league funds and may  not be claimed by the winner, only in special circumstances will the money be paid to claimant.

RULE  4 (a). Two lists of playing members from each club to be sent to the League or Match Secretaries no later than April 10th each year. One list to be returned to each club. A registration fee decided by Management will be charged for each player.

4b. Any player joining a club after this date shall be required to register with the League Secretary at least 7 clears days before he is allowed to take part in any League match or Competition. Failure to do this will result in disqualification and the game awarded to his opponent.

4c. No player can play for more than one club in any season in League or Cup Games. In special circumstances at managements discretion may grant permission for a player to transfer to another club. No player can be registered or transferred unless special permission is granted by the Management.


a (1). All Clubs with two (2) or more teams in the league shall nominate Five (5) players or any number nominated at the discretion of the Management Committee. These players to be starred and shall only play in thei9r clubs First (1st) Team. Subject to Management's acceptance of nominations. Management retain the power to veto any player and to substitute another.

a (2). All clubs with three (3) teams or more shall nominate Five (5) players or any number at the discretion of management. these players to be starred. One (1) and a further Ten (10) starred Two (2) Players starred (1) to play in their clubs First (1st) team. Players starred Two (2) to play in their clubs First (1st) team or Second (2nd) Team, subject to Management's acceptance. Management retain the power to veto any player and substitute another.

b (1) Any player having played  in 70% of his clubs senior side during the current season becomes automatically starred.

b (2) In the event of a club having Three (3) Teams this rule to apply to players in the clubs Second (2nd) Team.

c (1) No Player can play Four (4) times against the same club EXCEPT when his Fourth (4th) appearance is in a higher division.

c (2) Where the opposing club has two (2) Teams in the same division.

c(3)  Never for Two (2) Teams of a club on the same day.

RULE 5(d)

Rearranged Fixtures

No player can play for Two (2) Teams on the same scheduled fixture date.


(a) Teams to consist of  TEN (10)  male players and matches to be played on  a home and away basis. Fixtures to be issued by management.

(b) All games to be singles and first player to reach 21 shall be the winner.

(c) One point shall be awarded to the winner of each game Away team winning five (5) games shall be awarded (1) bonus point.

Away team winning (6) games or more  shall be awarded (2) bonus points.


Team scoring highest number of chalks shall be awarded Two (2) bonus points or One (1) point if the aggregate is tied.

(d) A tie on points for each divisional championship shall be decided

(1) Total games won

(2) Total number chalks scored

(3) Relegation issues to be decided on same format.

(4) Teams not playing the full compliment of players in any match shall forfeit Twenty One (21) points for each absent player. Teams will be fined by management Committee.

Rule  7

(a) Captains shall act as Referees. And when playing their game vice captains shall take their place.

(b) Each team shall be numbered 1 to 10 for the pairing.

(c) The Home captain shall forward the result sheet signed by both captains to The MATCH SECRETARY Within five (5) working days Failure to do so will result in a fine being imposed by the Management.

(d) Any captain signing an incorrect score sheet will be dealt with by Management and if proven his team will forfeit points scored from the match in question.


(a) Matches already started and abandoned through unfavourable weather must be completed within 14 days. Scores in completed games to stand, unfinished games to restart at exact score when abandoned. Remaining games to be played  as normal.


All league matches to be played on the scheduled fixture date except for cancellations due to :-

(a) Inclement Weather, or the green being in a unplayable or dangerous condition

(b) Green closed and MATCH SECRETARY informed in writing of reason before the fixture date.

(c) Clubs mutually agreeing to play before fixture date and MATCH SECRETARY informed before fixture date by the home team captain.

(d) Teams failing to play on fixture date shall forfeit the match to opponents and be fined 10.

(e) If  two (2) clubs cannot  mutually agree to play before the schedule fixture date. The fixture must be played on the fixture date with maximum players

available to their club. Absentees will be charged match fee and maybe fined by Management.

(f) Any club failing to make an appearance for a fixture  shall forfeit the match and be fined 10.

(g) If any match takes place after the scheduled fixture date in circumstances other than those outlined  (8a) or (8b) above, the match will be declared null and void and both club will be fined 10 and forfeit any points gained from the match.

(h) Any premier club who have one or more players playing in the home leg of a Senior County Championship Fixture on the Sunday may cancel their preceding Saturday Fixture.

(i) Any club who's green has been selected for a Senior County Championship Fixture MUST cancel their preceding Saturday Fixture prior to the County Match date.

(j) Games cancelled under (h) or (i) to be played Within 28 Days of Fixture Date.


Clubs protesting on matters arising from games..5 deposit with written protest to LEAGUE SECRETARY within seven (7) days of the match.


Clubs resigning from the league should notify the LEAGUE SECRETARY no later than the A.G.M. Failure to do so will result in one (1) years subscriptions to the league.


Clubs or Individuals winning trophies may hold them for until required by league secretary for next years presentation. Clubs in possession of trophies are fully responsible for their safety any loss or damage occurring shall be paid for by club or individuals. Trophies are the property of AMATEUR LEAGUE.


Prizes awarded to winners at Managements discretion subject to funds available.


Member clubs may charge greenage to Parks Players.


To qualify for averages prizes players must play 80% of full fixture matches during current season (3) Three points home win (4) Four points away win. Total points  added together divided by games played decides winner. In the event of a tie Highest away total is the winner.


All matches to be played by the last date of the season unless special permission is granted by the League Secretary, Match Secretary, Management Committee.


Clubs not complying with bye-laws and rules shall be dealt with by the Management Committee also applies to any player failing to comply with foregoing regulations


Any queries arising from a situation not provided fir in bye-laws and rules will be dealt with by Management Committee who's decision is final.


The competition will be held annually for male members of the league only. To be played on neutral greens. Dates chosen by Management Committee.

Prizes to be awarded to Winner/ finalist/ Semi Finalist/Quarter Finalist. Entrance fees to be decided by Management Committee.



1 (a)  Any team playing in the North Staffs Amateur League may enter.

1 (b)  League rules apply to the competition at all times.

2  Teams to be handicapped on their league positions at the end of the previous season, Last seasons winners and League champions shall be off scratch.

New teams shall be handicapped by Management.

No player is allowed to play for more than one (1) Team during the season.

4  Teams to consist of ten (10) male players. Matches to be played on neutral greens. Winners shall be the team with the highest number of chalks scored.

Tied games will replayed  at the same venue on  a date agreed by both teams.


(a) Only players who played 60% or more of matches during the previous season will automatically allowed to play in the competition. Other players shall be submitted for approval to the Management Committee.

(b) Clubs entering more than one (1) team shall be required to star eight (8) players for the first (1st) team and a further eight (8) if entering  three(3) teams.

(c)  Any players not having played in 50% of that teams league programme prior to any cup tie shall be ineligible to play .Exceptions to above may be granted to clubs applying for dispensation in writing to the Management Committee for players unable to meet the 50% rule giving details for application.  Clubs will be notified of Managements decision.


Completed score sheets to be returned within five (5) working days after  the match is played to the organiser or League Secretary.


Prize Monies to be awarded to Winners / Finalists / Semi Finalists.


Any queries to be dealt with by the Management Committee or Sub-Committee.


Fully qualified referee's to officiate at the final.


To be played as a singles competition on the President's green or one of his choice. All games 21 up.

On a date chosenby Management played to a finish on  One Day. Entry limit 32. Players handicapped to their league position. Clubs are allowed a player of their own choice. Entry is automatic and each club shall be charged the Entrance Fee. Players not attending on the day or after the draw is made will be charged for. Management have the power to alter the format at any time. Handicaps to be decided by Management.

PRIZE MONIES. Paid to Winner / Finalist / and Semi Finalists.


Each Amateur League club shall automatically purchase one (1) ticket for the Presentation Evening. And shall be charged for one (1) ticket by the League Treasurer to  be added to statement of accounts end of season. Any person who as ordered tickets for the Presentation and is not present on the night shall be charged for the tickets by the Treasurer.